Painting FAQs

Q: How long have you been painting?

A: About 17 years, on and off.  Continually since the beginning of 2017.

Q: Are you a professional artist or an art teacher?  Did you go to art school?

A:  No, none of the above, although I have taken plenty of informal lessons from people who did go to art school and who are professional artists and art teachers.  I'm just a woman who loves to paint.  Other than those informal lessons, I'm self-taught through practice, trial & lots of errors.  I don't profess to be an expert, but I do enjoy sharing what I know and make.  Hence the occasional YouTube video, the references & traceables, & other things provided on my website.

Q: What materials do you prefer?

A: I use mostly Golden Open Acrylics which allow me to get the smooth blends I like when I need to.  I also like colored pencil and linocut printing.

Q: Do you have a materials list?

A: You can download a materials list for many of my (almost) daily paintings.  There would be little point in a list of all the materials in my studio.  Might as well just browse a Dick Blick catalogue.  (I have way too much stuff.)

Q: What substrates to you prefer to paint on?

A: For practice pieces or color studies I typically use #300 hot pressed watercolor paper, sealed with either matte medium or gesso.  For pieces I intend to frame and exhibit, I use pre-gessoed panels.

Q: Why don't you paint on canvas?

A:  I don't like the texture of canvas nor the bounce of stretched canvas.  I like a smooth, rigid substrate that doesn't fight back, allows for smooth blends, and allows for details when I need them.

Q: What subject matter to you prefer to paint?

A: Through working on my (almost) daily painting series, I've learned that I gravitate toward still lifes that imply a story.  I like juxtaposing objects that aren't usually found together and therefore allow the viewer to draw inferences about how those object ended up together.  Often the title suggests the story I had in mind, but I enjoy imagining what the viewer may come up with.



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